About GTT

Get Together with Technology (GTT)
An Initiative of the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)

“Close your eyes, now pick up your smartphone or tablet…keep them closed while you begin your everyday tasks on those devices. Impossible you say? For thousands of us who are blind or partially sighted this is the challenge. A challenge that with training and peer mentoring, can be overcome”.
The Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) has implemented an initiative called Get Together With Technology (GTT) which helps blind and partially sighted people explore and integrate assistive devices in their home and work lives. The groups meet monthly to discuss new and updated devices, and participants teach each other how to include both low and high tech assistive technology in their daily lives.

Get individual personalized training on how to use your computer/smart phone/talking book player and other low and high-tech devices through your local GTT groups. They offer exciting opportunities for people to engage with accessible technology through:

1) Accessible consumer-driven training
2) Hands-on experience with new technology.
3) Individualized and group skill development
4) Peer leadership and mentoring

GTT Was Founded:

GTT was started in Ottawa in 2011 by Kim Kilpatrick and Ellen Goodman to give people a chance to share low and high-tech solutions, tips, and resources, and was soon brought under the CCB National umbrella as another consumer driven service and participation initiative.

GTT Community Monthly Meetings:
GTT empowers members of the blind and partially sighted community through local monthly meetings by sharing information about assistive tools, strategies and technologies to help gain equal access to information, download audio books, music and other reading materials through accessible Library Services, and how to use GPS for mobility and independent travel and so much more. Contact Kim Kilpatrick or Albert Ruel to learn more about GTT gatherings in your community.

GTT National Conference Calls:

GTT National Teleconference calls are another way you can stay involved and informed no matter where you are. Under the leadership of Kim Kilpatrick and Albert Ruel, regular National GTT Teleconference meetings are hosted at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on the second Wednesday of each month. Stay tuned for periodic announcements on the GTTProgram Blog and the GTT Facebook Group.

GTTSupport Email Discussion List:

The GTT program also offers an email discussion list, which is a good tool through which members can share their assistive technology discoveries, make comments, and ask questions about blindness related assistive technology.

To subscribe send an email to the following address and type the word subscribe in the subject line and leave the body of the email message empty. You will get a return email to confirm your subscription. Simply reply to that email to confirm and you will get a second email returned to you that welcomes you as a list member. It will give instructions on how to post messages to the list.


GTTProgram Blog:

The GTT Blog page is vital for staying in touch with all that is happening with the program across Canada.
In order to get information about upcoming GTT meetings and conference calls as well as meeting notes and resources, please subscribe to the GTT blog. To register please visit the web page below. Look near the bottom of the page for a Link called, “Follow GTT Program blog and resources” and leave your email address in the edit field provided. You will receive an email message asking you to confirm that you wish to be subscribed, and clicking on the “confirmation” link in that message will complete the process.


GTTProgram Facebook Group:

To access the GTT Program Facebook blindness related assistive technology discussion for all ages on Facebook please visit us here: for more information contact Kim Kilpatrick or Albert Ruel.
To join the GTTYouth for lively discussion on matters related to blindness related assistive technology follow this link. Canadian Youth aged 18 to 25 are encouraged to join this group. For more information contact Rebecca.GTT@CCBNational.net.

GTTProgram on Twitter:

On Twitter you can follow the CCB and GTT by looking for: @CCBNational @GTTProgram @GTTWest

Kim and Albert are also available for individual or small group ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY support.

For more information please contact:

Kim Kilpatrick in Ottawa:
Toll Free: 1-877-304-0968, ask for Kim, or
Email: GTTProgram@Gmail.com

Albert Ruel on the West Coast:
Toll Free: 1-877-304-0968 x550, ask for Albert, or
Email: albert.GTT@CCBNational.net