AGM 2017 Results

Canadian Council of the Blind Voting Results

The following numbers are from all voting sources.

Question #1
I approve the slate, as listed by the nomination committee, for the Board of the Canadian Council of the Blind.
Sara Batt, Leo Bissonnette, Louise Gillis, Heather Hannett, Jerome Kuntz, Christina (Chris) Lewis, Sandra Poirier, Surander Singh, Jim Tokos, Mike Vrooman, Shane Wheeler.

Yes – 100 votes
No – 77 votes
Vote passed with 56.5%
Question #2
I ratify the By-Laws as approved by the Board of Directors on January 28, 2016.

Yes – 96 votes
No – 82 votes
Vote failed with 53.9%
Question #3
I confirm the acclimation of Louise Gillis as president of the Canadian Council of the Blind as nominated by the Nominating Committee.

Yes – 92 votes
No – 78 votes
Vote passed with 54.1%
Question #4
I confirm the appointment of the auditors, KPMG LLP, for the upcoming year.

Yes – 123 votes
No – 42 votes
Vote passed with 74.5%