Audio Book Clubs


The CCB has established an audio book club format that is used across Canada. With accessible assistive devices and audio books, reading is easier and more accessible than ever.  Local book clubs meet monthly, either in person or via teleconference, to share their thoughts and impressions and jointly discuss the storylines and characters of books they have all read.

Each spring the group deliberate future book choices and decide on the upcoming year’s reading adventures.  Most of the book clubs choose several books each month to accommodate the diversity of interests among its members.

These book club get togethers are a wonderful source of social interaction, resulting in fast friendships and shared experiences among participants.  Social connections are extremely important to all individuals, but especially significent to those people living with vision loss, since low vision and loss of independence tends to induce isolation.

CCB Ottawa Book Club, Lois Batten and Theresa Dupuis