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CVICC 2018 Is Almost Here!

Jan 31 2018

Check out the Itinerary and results on the CVICC page:


2018 CCB Sponsorship

Dec 22 2017

The 2018 Sponsorship Package is ready to go just click on the link below to download the PDF


2018 CCB Sponsorship Package

Kim Kilpatrick has made the Celebration of People 2017 Finalists

Dec 05 2017

Celebration of People is an annual awards program and dinner event, first held in Ottawa in 2001. Presentation of the awards takes place each year in conjunction with December 3 – designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

This year the event will be held on Wednesday November 29, 2017

  • Celebration of People Awards lined up on table

The awards recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations promoting accessibility, inclusion and full community participation by citizens with disabilities.

Award recipients include individuals with disabilities who are advocates for others with disabilities and/or whose personal example of excellence demonstrates the potential of all members of the community. They also include companies, agencies, government and other organizations which have created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate more fully in their workplaces, schools and volunteer organizations—for example, through projects to enhance physical accessibility or inclusive hiring practices and policies.

The 2017 Finalists are Here

Kim Kilpatrick AMI Spot

Dec 05 2017

This is a great spot by AMI on our own Kim Kilpatrick, her radio show, and the wonderful GTT program.

Questionnaire Empowerment of Women who are Blind or Partially Sighted

Dec 01 2017

Hello CCB Members,

Are you a woman who is blind or visually impaired?
If so the World Blind Union wants to here from you.

Please download the questionnaire from the following link and send the
filled in form back to before
*January 31, 2018.*

Have a great day,
Download Questionnaire

Introduction *Empowerment of Women who are Blind or PartiallySighted*

WBU Members are requested to share this survey questionnaire with blind and partially sighted women and encourage them to complete it and return it to the WBU Women’s committee

The World Blind Union (WBU) General Assembly (GA) met in Orlando, Florida, USA August 2016. At that meeting The WBU STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 -2020 was approved with four specific priorities. For the purpose of this questionnaire we will be concentrating on


Objective # 1: Establish a Women’s Committee, with representation from all regions, to develop and implement a strategy aimed at the empowerment of blind and partially sighted women and leading to their increased engagement as leaders at the national, regional and international levels of WBU. INITIATIVE # 4:

Develop program to enhance participation of blind women within leadership of WBU structures at national, regional and international levels.*

What are the BARRIERS experienced by women to assume leadership role? A brief meeting of interested women attending the GA brought forward many interesting concerns on skills training, leadership, mobility, safety, and other barriers. Following the GA a Women’s Committee was formed.

This committee has now developed the following questionnaire for women members, in particular, to assess the current situation, and barriers to women assuming leadership roles.

This questionnaire has been compiled to establish an improved understanding of the current situation and barriers to women assuming leadership roles in all regions of the WBU. Following results from the survey the committee would develop an action plan to deal with barriers and combat discrimination preventing women from becoming leaders.

Members are requested to share this survey with blind and partially sighted women and encourage them to complete and return it to the WBU Women’s committee to aid in determining the reason for a low number of women leaders.

Please return the completed questionnaire by *31 January 2018 to the WBU Office at * .