Social Enterprise

The CCB is actively engaged in the development of social enterprise concepts where entrepenurial activies support worthwhile objectives and programs. The unemployment rate for the blind and vision impaired is almost 70% while the rate for the overall disabled community is not far behind.


  • The CCB is establishing an e-commerce web site Blind Ambition & Design™, BlindAmbition.Ca™ to support mobile eye clinics and offer self-employment for ALL persons with disabilities
  • Our Kitchens of the World™ promotes not only healthy eating but recognizes diversity through the preparation and sharing of food; it also serves as a fundraising activity for other organizations
  • Even the Blind Can See Green™ supports envoironmentally friendly producsts
  • The CCB has received preliminary approval as a Private Career College for courses for employment and self-employment for ALL persons with disabilities including our veterans at the David C. Onley Learning Centre in Ottawa; this will include employment counselling and microloans
  • In cooperation with counterparts in China establishing Traditional Chinese Medicine courses that feature training for blind and vison impaired in various therapists common in Europe and Asia
  • Executed agreements with a Chinese charity and for profit Chinese companies to develop mutual trade, cultural and common charitable interests

CCB Executes Chinese Agreement