The Canadian launch of the DR Barometer study – update & resource materials

The IFA is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian DR Barometer study results on May 24th, as part of our Vision Health Month activities – the announcement is focused on informing key audiences about how Canadian adults with diabetes are at risk of losing their sight unnecessarily. This landmark study involved 41 countries and included both the physician and patient perspective and generated some very interesting the results.  The campaign, which launches today will include a blend of traditional and social media activities, as well as ensuring that all Eye See You partners have the information and are able to share it with members. To ensure partners have all of the details, the IFA has prepared a ‘toolkit’ of materials, these include: news release announcing the results, backgrounder on the DR Barometer study, fact sheet on the Canadian results and an inforgraphic that tells the visual story of diabetes-related eye disease in Canada. Please feel free to share the materials within your organizations and we also ask that you help amplify the social media reach with your channels, as appropriate.

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