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CCB HEALTH AND FITNESS PROGRAM; Engage, Educate and Empower

The Canadian Council of the Blind Health & Fitness program aims to engage, educate and empower people who are blind or visually impaired to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  The program is managed by Ryan Van Praet, a Registered Kinesiologist, competitive curler, paratriathlte and experienced healthcare professional who just happens to have Retinitis Pigmentosa.  Originally called the Trust Your Buddy Program, its new name reflects its direction and nature. This program is for every CCB member from coast to coast, offering a free, national resource for everyone, at any fitness level and visual impairment, who wants to lead a life full of physical activity and wellbeing.  Information and content is delivered through podcasts, blog posts, Youtube videos, email group list, Twitter, Facebook and one-on- one telephone coaching; your questions are what drives us!

Your body doesn’t care that you are blind or have low vision– you still require appropriate physical activity and healthy habits to prevent chronic disease, common illness and injury.  You don’t get a free pass on the requirements of health! The GTT Health and Fitness Program is here to help you to overcome the challenges to living well with no or low vision.  This program aims to share the many accommodations, work-arounds, strategies, tips, tricks and tools that could help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

By participating in the CCB Health and Fitness Program, you will get:

  • Access to free professional health and fitness advice and coaching
  • Support with advocacy, accessibility for sport, fundraising ideas and more!
  • Access to our network for the sharing of resources
  • Updates and information regarding high- and low-tech devices that will allow you to get more out of your health and fitness routines
  • Knowledge that you are taking positive steps to promoting a healthy lifestyle for yourself and within your community.

Take the challenge

Various challenges are introduced throughout the year to keep everyone motivated.  Virtual  5k runs, food challenges and more will educate, motivate, inspire and challenge those who want to eat better, move more and take positive steps toward better health and fitness.

Share Your Story

Campaigns such as the Eye Am More campaign provide an opportunity for those who have discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to share their stories, suggestions, successes and struggles with others, reducing isolation, breaking down barriers and helping all involved to learn, grow, develop and succeed. Participants within the B/Vi community benefit from sharing, learning from and assisting others and knowing that they are not alone and that while blindness can present barriers, it need not prevent anyone from enjoying good health and physical activity.

CCB Health and Fitness in Your Own Community

The CCB Health and Fitness Program is a national endeavor promoting healthy living within the Blind/Low Vision community with the help of Local Champions like you!  Each CCB Chapter plays a critical role in the program’s success, therefore, Local Champions are needed in every chapter across Canada.  Here’s how:

  1. Designate one person within your chapter to liaise with the CCB Health and Fitness Program
  2. The Local Champion will promote CCB Health and fitness initiatives within your chapter, promoting physical activity and accessible sport.
  3. Share all questions, topic ideas, barriers concerning health, sports and fitness with the CCB Health and Fitness Program Manager and fellow champions.
  4. “Champion” the cause of living a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle at the local level. Encourage your chapter to get up and get moving!

Note:  Local Champions will be part of upcoming Champions Training conference calls and training sessions.

For more information:

The following are ways that you can learn more and get involved:


CCB Health and Fitness on Twitter:   @ccb_healthfit

CCB Health and Fitness on Facebook:


YOUTUBE:  Click the link:  YOUTUBE channel

CCB Health and Firness Podcast:

Now available on most popular podcatchers, the CCB Health and Fitness podcast is an excellent and accessible source for all things healthy lifestyle for those with low or no vision.  Tips, tricks, tools and ideas will be shared.  Listeners are welcome to submit questions and topics for discussion.  Subscribe, and don’t miss an episode.

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