White Cane Magazine 2013

white cane 2013

The white cane week 2013 Magazine has been released. You can view a copy by clicking here, download a copy by clicking here, download an audio copy by clicking here,or by contacting the CCB.


This edition of the magazine contain articles on.


CCB 2013 President’s Award

2012 Curling Championship Recap

How the blind are reshaping the iPhone

Braille is Thriving in a high-tech world



The Canadian Council of the Blind is the Voice of the Blind™ in Canada. Extend accessibility. The white cane is a symbol of ability not disability… of independence, not dependence. Changing what it means to be blind. A lack of sight is not a lack of vision. Most people don’t know what it’s like to be blind. Just close your eyes. FOREVER. Accessibility promotes ability not disability. We’re changing what it means to be blind.

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