AIRA Vaccine Promo

Introducing the COVID Vaccine promo

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts expand, it has become clear that many websites and processes to register, set appointments, and navigate spaces for the vaccine are not fully accessible to those in the blind and low-vision community.   While it is the responsibility of government and healthcare entities to comply with the law and ensure that their platforms and processes are accessible, and while the community will continue its advocacy efforts, we cannot wait to get the vaccine. Therefore, we are introducing the COVID promo to assist the Explorer community in obtaining these crucial vaccines. For up to 30 minutes per day, Explorers may use Aira free for vaccine-related tasks.

To help our advocacy efforts, we would ask that you use the hashtag #CovidBLV in any and all social media postings and share some of the gaps and barriers you encountered. 

Our goal is to ensure that entities understand their obligation to make their websites and processes as accessible as possible. As they work to do so, we can assist people in the following ways regarding their COVID vaccinations.

● Researching if Explorer qualifies and determining places to register and receive vaccinations.

● Assisting with registering for and scheduling vaccination appointments using TeamViewer on the computer or TeamViewer Quick Support on the smartphone.

● Navigating locations where vaccines are provided, such as healthcare centers, public health facilities, mass vaccination locations, and drive-up sites.

● Assisting in scheduling second vaccination appointments.

● Taking post-vaccination selfies.

This promo does not cover:

● Non-vaccine-related COVID research

●Transportation to and from the vaccination site

● Registering others outside of the immediate family for vaccinationsCOVID testing

In order to provide this promotion, we will be limiting our Job Seeker promo to one 30-minute call per day through May, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team at 1.800.835.1934 or via email at [email protected].

The staff and agents here at Aira wish you and yours the best of health.

A vial reading Coronavirus Vaccine COVID-19 Injection Only.
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