White Cane Week – Blind Sports

Just like people with sight, those who are blind or have low vision participate in a variety of sports! This isn’t a full list of course. Do you participate in a sport not listed? Please comment on our social media posts to spread the word.


Two runners competing in a 10K race in the snow.  Both in brightly coloured shirts, one with Guide written on the back, the other with Blind Runner.

Fitness and individual sports

  • Downhill and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing with the assistance of sighted guides
  • Spinning: a group fitness class done on a stationary bike, led by an instructor who describes the cadence (speed) and amount of tension used during the class.
  • Swimming: Swimming in pools within lanes with ‘tappers’ (people stationed at the ends of the pool) who tap the swimmer on the head to indicate the ends of the lane. Outdoor swimming with the help of buoys and tethered sighted guides.
  • Running: on a treadmill, or with the assistance of a sighted guide—sometimes runner and guide use a tether to maintain contact.
  • Triathlon: Swimming while tethered to a sighted guide, tandem biking and running while tethered.
  • Group fitness classes where the exercises are described, called out and done in one place. This includes ‘aerobics,’ weights, yoga, Pilates and other classes that can be done in a group!
  • Blind Golf
  • Rock climbing
  • Speed skating
  • Wrestling
  • Water skiing
  • Horseback riding

Team Sports

  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Curling
  • Dragon boating
  • Bowling
  • Goalball
  • Beep ball
  • Darts
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