AMI Canadian Vision Ipaired Curling Championship (CVICC)

September 21, 2020

Hello curlers, Curling supporters and CVICC stakeholders.

First and foremost, we hope and trust you are doing well during this extremely difficult period of time. Beyond the competitive nature of the Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championship (CVICC) many solid friendships have been formed throughout the years. When times are tough, friendships seem to take on an even greater meaning, thus our sincere best wishes to you all.  

Who would have thought that as we gathered last February, only a short time later the world would be thrust into a global pandemic! Railway blockades were the issue at the time, now those seem to pail in comparison.

The purpose of this writing is difficult. After a great deal of consideration, that included input from the provincial health authority, our sponsors, and of course representatives of the VI curling community, we have come to a decision about the 2021 event.

Please be advised that the 2021 AMI Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championship has officially been cancelled.

The main factor in our decision was the health and wellbeing of the event participants.  Sadly the risks involved in hosting such an event are simply to great at this time.

Other factors in our decision included, but not limited to, age demographic of many or our participants, varying provincial travel restrictions, Local fund raising hardships, travel uncertainly, food and beverage serving obstacles, etc.

We appreciate your understanding in regards to this cancelation and invite you to start planning now for a “double the fun” event in 2022.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of both the CCB and the CVICC. Although we will sorely miss the opportunity to gather and compete next year, we look to the events return in 2022.


CVICC Planning Committee