CCB Young Voices

CCB Young Voices

A new collective of young adults at CCB is advocating for change. Issues like access to technology, rewarding careers and isolation in our communities are just some of the things that CCB Young Voices is here to change.

Launched in 2020, CCB’s Young Voices is a Nation wide program offered by CCB to all of our chapters across Canada. The program provides a space for young adults in the blind and low vision community, ages 19-35 to stay active, share information and build a strong network.

When given access to the proper resources and technology, people with blindness and low vision can be extremely successful leaders. CCB is proud to be a voice for change for the Blind and Low Vision community in Canada.


Register below and follow our social media platforms to stay connected with us!

[email protected]

Facebook: The Canadian Council of the Blind

Instagram: @cdncounciloftheblind

Twitter: @ccbnational

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