Canadian Council of the Blind

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Canadian Council of the Blind members are constantly involved in a variety of accessibility and advocacy meetings and address a range of issues. Committee members attend local and national forums and information sessions both in person and via teleconference to speak on behalf of CCB members and tirelessly advocate for accessibility and independence in all areas of life for people living with vision loss.

The right to accessibility in transportation, banking, voting venues, office and public building environments, bus stop announcement systems and non-drivers ID cards are just some of the subjects that have been addressed in recent years.

On-going concerns include representation on health boards, advocacy to drug companies, information & concerns communicated to local, provincial and federal governments across Canada to ensure that proper and best practice eye-care health is foremost.

CCB has played an integral part in ensuring that Canadian bank notes are accessible to people living with vision loss by advocating for and testing the ease of use and durability of Brailled bank notes.

CCB Past President, Louise Gillis, joins a group inspecting Marine Atlantic Transportation to ensure they are accessible to persons living with all types of disabilities.

CCB Past President, Louise Gillis, was a guest at the unveiling of the new accessible $50.00 and $100.00 banknotes at the Bank of Canada in June 2011.

CCB members in Atlantic Canada listen attentively to a speaker during a 2014 Advocacy meeting.

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