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Vision Health Month Appreciation Dinner

Welcome to the Canadian Council of the Blind’s Annual Vision Health Month Appreciation Dinner! This significant event, held both virtually and in-person, serves as a special tribute to our valued sponsors, partners, members, and community collaborators who contribute immensely to CCB’s mission. Engage in enlightening discussions covering Vision Health Month, recent strides in vision research, and updates on government strategies. Watch the celebration as we present two esteemed awards, the Person of the Year Award and the CCB President’s Award. Stay tuned for more details on this momentous occasion!
People gathering in the vision health month appreciation dinner

Vision Health Month Appreciation Dinner

This year the Council will celebrate its 80th anniversary with its annual Vision Health Month Appreciation Dinner in Ottawa on May 21st. Discussions will cover The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Vision Health, please find more details below.

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