Canadian Council of the Blind

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Who We Are

The Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) is a non-profit organization bringing together Canadians who are blind, deaf-blind, or living with vision loss through local community CCB chapters.

Since 1944, we have worked to improve the quality of life for persons with vision loss through awareness, peer mentoring, socializing, sports, advocacy, health promotion, and illness prevention.

CCB’s community-based model offers programs to assist those living with vision loss and create awareness of vision issues to the public and government.

Our chapters are located throughout Canada and each chapter’s members participate as volunteers in various peer support, sports and recreation, book clubs, and educational activities. Local chapters manage affairs to align with the objectives promoted by the National Canadian Council of the Blind.

As the largest membership-based organization for the blind in Canada, we are proud to be known as the Voice of the Blind™.

Our Mission

To work together as a community of peers that acts to improve the individual and community quality of life of people who are blind, deaf-blind, or living with low vision.

Our Vision


To promote the well-being of those people who are blind or have low vision.


To work with other groups of persons with low vision or who are blind.


To promote measures for the conservation of sight and the prevention of blindness for all.

Our Impact

Through our programs and activities, our chapters fulfill the CCB mission of improving the individual and community quality of life for those who are blind, deaf-blind, or living with low vision. Each chapter tailors their programs to respond to the needs and interests of its members, but all activities aim to meet the mission set out by CCB.

Community Philanthropic Donation

Bringing together Canadians living with vision loss fosters support, inclusion, and mentorship that helps to build independence and create acceptance for those living with blindness. We’re creating real community impact through our core programs.

Our Get Together with Technology (GTT) program helps those with vision loss explore accessibility and the usefulness of tech in everyday living.

CCB Young Voices is a nationwide program offered to all chapters that provides a space for young adults in the low vision community to stay active, share information, and build a strong network.

Proactive programs such as our Mobile Eye Clinics are bringing crucial eye exams to communities and preventing vision loss.

The CCB Health and Fitness program is engaging, educating, and empowering people with visual impairment to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Advocacy & Accessibility

We are always advocating for increased accessibility, equal opportunity, and quality of life throughout society for those with low vision.

Our members are continually involved in initiatives that address accessibility and advocacy issues. The right to accessibility in transportation, banking, voting venues, office and public buildings, bus stop announcement systems, and non-drivers ID cards are just a few of the issues we’ve worked to address.

CCB has played an integral part in successful accessibility initiatives such as improving accessibility in banking by advocating for Brailled Canadian bank notes and testing their functionality.

But our advocacy continues with ongoing issues such as increased vision-loss representation on health boards, getting all Canadians the correct eye treatments at the correct time to prevent vision loss, and promoting the best eye-care practices throughout Canada.

Public Awareness

A vital piece of our mission is to increase public awareness of the challenges and barriers faced by people with vision loss through public education, social media, and national and local awareness events.

Recreational & Social

Local chapters organize leisure, sports, and social activities which provides interaction with peers and group involvement. Through the development of new social, personal, and life skills, these activities often lead to an improved sense of self-esteem for our members.

Health & Prevention

Our ongoing health campaigns promote the safe use of eye treatment drugs and public education in eye disease prevention, treatment, and overall eye health. We are proactive in addressing the concerns that most impact our members and are proud to educate the public on various vision health issues.

Knowledge & Education

Through various education programs offered throughout our chapters, we are developing and supporting opportunities to increase knowledge and skills for people living with vision loss. An example of this education includes a vital program helping low vision individuals explore technology and ways it can better inclusion and interaction within their larger community.


All members of the National Board of Directors are people who are blind or living with vision loss. Opportunities are available to participate in governance at local, regional, and national levels.

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