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White Cane Magazine Cover winter/Spring 2024

White Cane Magazine Winter/Spring 2024

Welcome to CCB’s Winter/Spring 2024 issue of White Cane Magazine and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month.Check out this issue to: It’s a Great Issue Accessible in Word and PDF Formats. Enjoy the Read!

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Visions – February 2024

From the President’s Desk We all as members are getting prepared to celebrate our annual White Cane Week activities from February 4th through 10th, which is an opportunity for us to show off and demonstrate our abilities. It is also a chance to educate others how, with minor adjustments here and there, we can do almost […]

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Visions – January 2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR! From the President’s Desk While we officially change over our calendars, it is time to reflect on the past year, and the successes we were able to celebrate in 2023.  Thank you to each and every one of you, as we all played a key role in what we were able to […]

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Visions – December 2023

From the President’s Desk While we turn the calendar to December, it is time to celebrate our achievements as members of the Council. Notice our Visions newsletter is highlighting some member experiences (as told by them).  We want to encourage more real life stories from our members, ensuring their contributions are shared with their peers […]

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In the bottom left corner of the infographic, the words "Bill C-284: Why do we need a national healthcare strategy?" are displayed. Above this text, there is a light bulb encompassed by five multi-colored shapes. In the red shape, a graphic depicts a person walking with a cane, accompanied by the words "About 1.2 million Canadians are blind, deaf-blind, and partially sighted." Within the orange shape, an eye graphic in a square is paired with the words "Eight million Canadians live with one of the four major eye diseases." The green shape features an eye with a slash, accompanied by the statement "Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss for 2.5 million Canadians aged 55 and over." In the blue shape, a graphic portrays a person with a sack on their back, bearing the words "cost." Beneath, the text indicates, "The annual cost of vision loss in Canada is approximately $33 million." The last shape, colored purple, displays an image of a person stacking cubes spelling the word "risk," with the words "1 in 5 Canadians are at risk of vision loss" below the graphic.

Canadian Vision Stakeholders Urge Swift Passage of Bill C-284 in the Senate

“Vision care is healthcare,” emphasizes Phil Hooper, president of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, underscoring the urgent need for a national eye care strategy in Canada. Approximately 1.2 million Canadians are experiencing sight loss, with about 8 million living with one of the four major eye diseases that can lead to blindness. Of these four major […]

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Visions – November 2023

From the President’s Desk WOW! What a wonderful month October has been for the Council.  I would like to thank everyone for their contributions for making our World Sight Day event such a wonderful success. The Hon. Judy Sgro M.P. brought together so many strategic partners and friends of the vision community to showcase the […]

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Hon. Judy Sgro Speech on Bill C-284 – National Eye Care Strategy

UPDATE: October 25th, 2023 Exciting news! Bill C-284 has just been voted in the House of Commons in 3rd reading with 324 votes in favor and 0 votes against and now the Bill will be referred to the Senate!. Thank you to the Hon. Judy Sgro and yes, the entire vision health team for your […]

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World Sight Day Conference 2023 – Recording

The State of Vision Health in CanadaA Canadian Council of the Blind Conference We are pleased to share with you the recording of the Canadian Council of the Blinds, Tuesday, October 17 conference, “The State of Vision Health in Canada”. This conference provided a comprehensive update on the current state of vision health in Canada and offered insights into […]

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World Sight Day

75% of Vision Loss Is Preventable and Treatable, but Half of Canadians Don’t Know It “This World Sight Day, we are encouraging Canadians who are overdue for an eye exam to book an appointment with their local optometrist,” said Jim Tokos, National President, The Canadian Council of the Blind. “There is a common myth that if […]

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White Cane Magazine Fall/Winter 2023

Welcome to CCB’s Fall/Winter issue of White Cane Magazine Fall/Winter 2023, dedicated to advances in Vision Health. Check out this issue of White Cane Magazine and learn more about your Vision Health: It’s a Great Issue Accessible in Word and PDF Formats. Enjoy the Read!

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