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A group of curlers on the rink preparing for a stone delivery.

CCB is proud to be lead sponsor at this year’s Western Blind Curling Championships.

From March 20 to 23, 2024 the Western Blind Curling Association (WBCA) will welcome the elite of Blind Curling to the Granite Curling Club in Edmonton for a very special event.

This year the event, which first took place in Calmar, Alberta and is dubbed the “Western” will mark a half century of existence. Thanks in part to the tremendous support of the Lions Clubs of Western Canada, this annual competition features the top two blind curling rinks from each of the four provinces in Western Canada.

This year in a special celebratory event, for the first time ever, the top two blind curling rinks from Ontario have also been invited to participate. The “Western” will also welcome participants from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the first time.

“The Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) is proud and honoured to be the lead sponsor for this event” says Jim Tokos, National President of the CCB. “The CCB at all levels of our organization have been strong supporters of Blind Curling throughout the years and look forward to its continued growth”.

Additional information about this exciting championship competition may be found on the Facebook pages of both the Western Blind Curling Association and the Edmonton Blind Curling Club.

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