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White Cane Magazine – 2022

Welcome to White Cane Magazine

White Cane Magazine Cover.
  • Learn About the Your Eye Care and Preventable Vision Loss Report.
  • Read about treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
  • How blindness is 75% preventable and when caused by Diabetes 95% avoidable.
  • Recognize Optometrists as your primary eye care provider and your Ophthalmologists as the leaders of your eye care team.
  • Read how the failure to deliver a national vision care strategy is costing Canada billions.
  • Marvel as 5 people share their life experiences of living with blindness.
  • See how clinical trials lead to sight saving innovations and how research is core to Fighting Blindness Canada.
  • Read about the Canadian Council of the Blind and its advocacy for Canada’s blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted community.

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