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White Cane Magazine Winter/Spring 2024

White Cane Magazine Cover winter/Spring 2024

Welcome to CCB’s Winter/Spring 2024 issue of White Cane Magazine and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month.
Check out this issue to:

  • Hear an update from the Canadian Council of the Blind’s National President, looking back on the successes of 2023.
  • Get an update on the status of Bill C-284, a bill that will create a national eye health strategy for Canada.
  • Read about why improving accessible travel just makes sense from White Cane Magazine’s editor.
  • Learn how you can prevent eye injuries at home and at work.
  • Learn more about the Ontario Assistive Devices Program and why this program needs to include smart phones in the list of assistive devices that are reimbursed by the program.
  • Read about pervasive myths about blindness through the experience of someone who has superseded the barriers imposed by these myths
  • Learn more about age-related macular degeneration (AMD) from one of Canada’s pre-eminent ophthalmologists, along with the latest in AMD research.
  • Learn about a program designed to help prevent falls among people who are blind or have partial sight.
  • Read about the potential that artificial intelligence has in improving many aspects of vision health care.
  • Read about a Netflix series in which two of the stars are blind actors playing characters who are blind.
  • Learn about AMI’s new service, AMI+, a free website that will offer access to AMI’s stable of audio, television, and digital content created by, and for, the disability community.
  • Learn what Air Canada is doing to improve accessibility for passengers with disabilities
  • And lots more!

It’s a Great Issue Accessible in Word and PDF Formats.

Enjoy the Read!

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