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World Sight Day

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75% of Vision Loss Is Preventable and Treatable, but Half of Canadians Don’t Know It

At the top of the graphic there is an eye with earth for an eyeball. Below this are the words " World Sight Day" written in black with a yellow background. Under this, there is one line to the left and right of the graphic and in between the lines, the date " October 13th, 2023".

“This World Sight Day, we are encouraging Canadians who are overdue for an eye exam to book an appointment with their local optometrist,” said Jim Tokos, National President, The Canadian Council of the Blind. “There is a common myth that if your vision is good then your eyes are healthy. Unfortunately, that is not always true. More than 8 million Canadians are living with an eye disease that may lead to blindness.1 The goal is always to catch eye diseases before eyes start to show symptoms.”

1 A Report Card on Vision Health in Canada, The Canadian Council of the Blind and Fighting Blindness Canada. October 2022.

Specsavers and the Canadian Council of the Blind mark World Sight Day with national survey unveiling insights and behaviours that put vision at risk.

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